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CPA Helps Customer to Redeem more than OMR24,000


 Protection Authority’s Complaint Department recently helped a customer receive RO24,000, the value of a defective new vehicle. This act is part of the Authority’s ongoing efforts to promote mutual understanding between service providers and consumers and to help customers obtain their rightful compensation amicably.

The case began when a customer lodged a complaint with the Complaint Department against an auto agency. The customer claimed that he had purchased a new vehicle which turned out to be defective. Although the agency attempted to replace the defective part, the problem persisted. The customer requested that the agency either repair the defect or refund the value of the vehicle. When the vehicle failed to respond positively, the customer filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Authority.

The Complaint Department worked diligently to reach a satisfactory solution, and eventually, the two parties reached an agreement. The agency agreed to return the value of the vehicle (OMR24,350) and take back the defective vehicle.

The Consumer Protection Authority urges all suppliers to prioritize transparency and credibility by avoiding false or misleading advertising and providing consumers with accurate information about the products or services they offer. This will enable consumers to make informed decisions and exercise their right to choose freely.




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