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46 paintings on peace by 46 artists for 46th National Day

Two-day live painting competition featuring 46 Omani and Indian artists on peace
MUSCAT – Come October 31, a group of committed men and women, armed with nothing but paint brushes, will come together in a classic attempt to paint over a world of violence and darkness with vivid images of hope and peace.
Forty six artists (23 Omanis and 23 Indians) will create 46 paintings as part of the two-day ‘Paint for Peace’ art competition, concluding on November 1, which is set to spark thoughts of peace and spring hope in many hearts.

OSFC – ideal setting
The Omani Society for Fine Arts will serve as an ideal setting for this live confluence of resident artists, who are uniting for the common cause of peace. While the overriding theme is that of peace, the beauty of this paint-for-peace event is that it is also a colourful tribute to the Icon of Peace, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, on the occasion of the 46th National Day of Oman, the brain behind this artistic venture informed the media.

46 for 46th National Day
“The 46 paintings of peace and hope will be created by 46 chosen artists in this country of peace and hope ruled by the Icon of Peace,” commented Dr J. Retnakumar, founder and chairman of BHAVALAYA, a global platform for the promotion of Art and culture, which has initiated this art-for-peace venture.

Fitting tribute to His Majesty, the Sultan
This unique painting competition, organised by Bhavalaya, will be held under the patronage of the Indian Embassy and the Omani Society for Fine Arts. “Above all, we want it to be a fitting tribute to His Majesty, the Sultan,” Dr Retnakumar said.
This is an opinion echoed by both the Indian ambassador and the director of OSFA.
H.E. Indra Mani Pandey,Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman said, “PAINT FOR FOR PEACE” is a timely initiative being taken by BHAVALAYA, which coincides with the 46th national day of Oman. His Majesty has always been regarded as an icon of peace, regionally and globally. I am sure this project will underline the commitment of people of Oman and India to peace and harmony in the world. My best wishes to all the participants.
Mrs.Maryam Al Zadjali,Director of Omani society for Fine Arts said
“The Omani Society For Fine Arts is indeed very happy to support such a most relevant ,noble and novel venture by BHAVALAYA in connection with the 46 th National day of Oman,paying rich tributes to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said,the benevolent ruler of Oman.This Art symposium will definitely enhance the friendship between the two graet cultures of Oman & India.
Unearthing brilliance
The 46 were chosen from a total of 72 participants. “Both amateurs and professionals have participated. Our idea was also to provide amateurs a platform to unveil their talents and this move may serve in unearthing some brilliance too,” Dr Retnakumar said
A total of seven winners will be chosen from the 46. “There will be an overall winner and three prizes each will be given to the winners of the Omani and Indian categories,” Dr Retnakumar said. Winners will be given cash prizes, mementos and certificates, while all 46 artists will be given certificates.

Top Omani and Indian judges
The judges for this social-cum- art competition are two top Omani painters, Anwar Sonya and Abdullah Al Riyami and two other well-known Indian painters, Amrut Patel and Prof. Rajeev Lochan. The prize distribution and felicitation will be done at a high profile event on November 2. “We will have a gathering of around 450 invited guests from the ministries, corporate, business fields, artists as well as members of the art-loving fraternity,” Dr Retnakumar said.
Sayyid Saud bin Hilal bin Hamad Al Busaidi, minister of state and governor of Muscat will be the chief guest while Indra Mani Pandey, Indian ambassador, will be the guest of honour.

Lifetime achievement awards
The evening will also witness the felicitation and lifetime achievement awarding for Anwar Sonia, Abdullah Riyami, Patel and Prof. Lochan.

Promoting Oman-India friendship
The event also celebrates the close and friendly Oman and India ties. “Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India, stood for non violence and his birthday is celebrated as the international day for peace by the United Nations. In Oman, His Majesty, the Sultan, has always stood for peace and peaceful coexistence with other nations and non interference in the affairs of other countries. These similarities are prime reasons which have prompted this Oman-India friendship initiative!” Dr Retnakumar said.

Art’s language is universal
“Art is one of the best mediums that can unite minds and liberate lives – its language is universal. Events like these would serve as role models for all countries and it would help remind them of the importance of peace and promote it.
“Since I live in such a peaceful country like Oman, which is ruled by the Icon of Peace, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, I realized that the best way to salute the great leader is to organise such an event. The expressions on the 46 canvases will hopefully trigger more concern in society on the great need of peace and its significance in the progress of the nation. We have seen instances of how the minority that plant the seeds of evil and divide society somehow rule over the majority in some countries. But, such events can slowly, but surely, help spark the element of hope and peace in individuals, and then on to their families, to the society and hopefully to nations,” Dr Retnakumar said, adding that everyone should contribute to make their community a better place and art, with its reach could change the outlook and spirit of entire nations.
‘Peace’ of art
Meanwhile, the paintings will be auctioned and 75 percent of the proceedings will go for a charity and 25 percent will go to the artists concerned. “So, in short, if you purchase a peace painting, you are also serving the cause for peace. By all means, the artists would be giving their heart and soul for the paintings and it will be a real appreciation of their efforts to encourage and promote world peace when we purchase their art,” he noted.

Emerging trends in painting
As part of the programme, an interactive session on emerging trends in painting with all participating artists and the panel of judges will be held on November 1 from 3.30pm onwards at the OSFA.

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