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Whahj Al.Khaleej-Quis AlKhaziri

Translated by Nadia AlAmri

According to my imagination, I am not excellent student unless I am dedicated my time to attend English course to have a joy and social interaction with other postgraduate students from variety major of the SQU. Moreover, each student has a different story to be told through engineering of successful and challenges in dimension of life.

English course was transition state and need a lot of efforts and patience besides college works and life pressures. I was fascinated with English ambiguous words in meanings and structures.


I can’t believe I found students who speak fluently and study in English who have attended this course. This was amazing because I considered them as assistance teachers. Additionally, they gave us extra information, benefits and guidance.

Frankly, I admire Miss Amal AlBadi, who taught us the course. Indeed, she was expert in teaching. Moreover, she used smart ideas to know the level of her students by letting students talked about their selves in five minutes with passion. As well as Miss Amal is the squ student , known the circumstances so she did not give us homework. How a joy is!

I am grateful for future Dr. Ahmed AlKharousi and Mahmood AlMiahi for such a wonderful course who planned successfully.

Note: nobody asks me I wrote in English words between Arabic lines, just to keep practice purpose.

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