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Sino-Omani Cultural Exchangeconference“Dragon Boat Festival”

the Oman Prince’s Palace played host to a momentous cultural event—the Sino-Omani Cultural Exchange Conference, themed around the revered Chinese tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival. This remarkable event was hosted by BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation. Distinguished guests and representatives from 10 countries and regions, including university professors and media executives, extended their heartfelt congratulations and shared their aspirations for the resounding success of the China-Oman Cultural Exchange Conference

BGP, as a globally trusted integrated geophysical solution provider, has served more than 300 energy companies during the last several decades with a remarkable footprint in over 70 countries, thus enabling BGP to become worldwide leading geophysical solution provider. In Oman, BGP has been providing quality services to local and international oil companies for nearly 20 years. BGP expressed its deepest appreciation to the steadfast trust and support of its clients,business partners, and friends

Centered around the spirit of cultural exchange, the conference aimed to illuminate the mutual inspiration and friendly exchanges between the ancient civilizations of China and Oman. Through this auspicious occasion, the organizer sought to foster a closer cultural bond, instilling a profound appreciation of Omani heritage among Chinese, while nurturing a better understanding for the rich tapestry of Chinese culture among the Omani people

The conference unfolded in four captivating chapters, each meticulously designed to present a kaleidoscope of performances that epitomized the harmonious fusion of Chinese and Omani traditions. The opening chapter, “Splendid Oman”, painted a vivid portrait of Omani culture. Embarking on this cultural odyssey, attendees were enthralled by the captivating Al-Ayyala dance, a cherished representation of the valor and gallantry exuded by the Arabian nomads. The chapter reached its crescendo with a soul-stirring performance on the traditional Omani musical instrument, the “Lamouni”, transporting the audience to the enchanting realms of Silk Road melodies, thus affording them an immersive experience of the sublime beauty bestowed upon the ancient trade routes

The second chapter, aptly titled “Beautiful China”, showcased the elegance and grandeur of Chinese culture. The graceful display of Hanfu costumes took center stage, gracefully weaving the poetic motifs that adorned the Qin, Han, Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties. Subsequently, the stage came alive with the enchanting melodies and choreographed movements of the Dunhuang music and dance performance, resurrecting the vibrant spirit of the “Flying Apsaras” depicted in the famed Dunhuang murals

The third chapter, “Sino-Omani Friendship”, paid homage to the past, undertaken by our accentors – courageously forging westward, traversing tumultuous seas, and paving not only a path of peaceful engagement but also a profound spiritual bond. As the voices of young cultural ambassadors resonated through the venue singing the heartfelt melodies of “Please Come to Our Place”, a backdrop of serene blue waters and celestial skies created a serene ambiance, symbolizing the sincere well-wishes extended towards the everlasting friendship between China and Oman

The fourth chapter, “Chinese Food“, tantalized the senses with an interactive performance entitled “Delightful Chinese Snacks”. Omani participants joined their Chinese counterparts in an engaging journey through the art of crafting Zongzi,  a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. With meticulous attention to detail, participants learned the wrapping techniques and the delicate artistry of tying the ZongZi. As the steaming Zongzi emanated their enticing aromas, the atmosphere became an exquisite fusion of culinary excellence and cultural camaraderie

As the host of this grand event, BGP aspired to foster profound bonds of friendship with the people of  Oman .

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