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Al Nahdah Hospital Performs First Bone Conduction Implant Surgery

Al-Nahdah Hospital, represented by ENT department, performed today (Monday) first operation of its kind in the Sultanate in implant and activate the BONEBRIDGE system for treating conductive hearing loss for a 32-year old patient.

The patient was suffering from hearing loss since birth due to a congenital condition causing closure of the external auditory canal. The patient had previously undergone surgery to open the canal, but the problem still exist, due to a defect in the middle ear, where the ossicles were not in their intended position.

Dr. Ammar bin Mohsen Al-Lawati, ENT Senior Consultant at Al-Nahdah Hospital, performed the successful surgery with participation of Dr. Yousef Al-Saidi, Dr. Subrandra Kumar, and Dr. Jagdish, allowing for the first time the patient to hear sounds via the affected ear.

By implanting such pioneering BONEBRIDGE implant – which is the first active bone conduction implant system in the world, manufactured by the Austrian firm MED-EL – the sound waves may be transmitted directly to the inner ear. The BONEBRIDGE implant is deemed to be the most suitable solution in cases when sound cannot be transferred to the inner ear via the natural path of hearing.

“After studying the patient’s history and carrying out all the necessary examinations, it was apparent to us that performing an operation to implant the bone conduction implant was the most suitable solution for him. The use of hearing aids would have been of no value given the absence of the canals required for the sound to pass”, Dr. Ammar Al-Lawati said.

Dr. Al-Lawati also added: “I would like to commend the tireless efforts of the surgical team in achieving this outstanding success for Al-Nahdah Hospital”.

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